AgapeWORKS, is an online Church Management Software that allows churches to manage their own environment. Our Church Software was created to specifically meet the needs of growing churches. This gives the church administration the ability to:

  • Track Attendance and Contributions
  • Manage Membership.
  • Organize Service Projects
  • Maintain a solid Web Presence.
  • Meet People’s Needs.

Formed in 2004 in response to many small churches’ lack of an effective website – or of any website at all – AgapeWORKS has grown to offer small and growing churches the best system possible. All the church’s administrative needs are brought together in one easy-to-use place, allowing pastors and church leaders the freedom to focus on fulfilling the Church’s calling.

AgapeWORKS' Church Administration System has a full complement of features ready to be put to work for any and every small and growing church.

We can help you solve your growing Church needs and help you help others.

See what AgapeWORKS can do for your ministry today with no financial commitment.

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